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YouTube Vanced Download - How To Use?

YouTube Vanced app for Android is simply the modified version of the famous YouTube application which gives you access to all the latest FREE features for FREE which include: Background play, No ads. Download videos directly from youtube and also play them on your device without requiring you to root your device. You can watch any video at any time of day which is great for when you're stuck in traffic on your way to work or just in between meetings. This application makes browsing easier by allowing you to scroll horizontally. The best thing about this application is that it is 100% free!

How To Use YouTube Vanced - Download From Here

To use YouTube Vanced on an android device you first need to download the official app. Once you have downloaded the official YouTube application you need to go to Settings > Add-ons and check the "apply now" option. After you have selected the option, you will need to go to YouTube and enable the application by tapping on the Download button. After you have done that you can then tap on the Install tab and search for the YouTube Vanced button and click on it. Finally, you need to allow the application to run during the installation process by tapping on the Apply Now button.

By enabling the "set play state" feature, you can make YouTube Vanced work even when you are not using the actual app on your smartphone. By doing this, YouTube will work in the background and only allow the playback of videos in the selected area. In addition to this, setting the playback size to your desired quality settings will also allow the quality to be better controlled. To change the quality settings just tap on the Settings icon on the top right corner of the screen and then change the value from High to High . This should make a positive difference as your video will load much smoother.

Difference Between YouTube Vanced And YouTube

  1. The first major difference with this version of youtube Vanced is that it offers a lot more features than its predecessor. Features that were only available to premium subscribers of YouTube in the old version have been included for free. This application helps you to manage multiple profiles, groups, tags, and search. You can also set the maximum resolution for the background to make the device look crisp and clear.
  2. The Google Chrome browser version 4.0 offers some interesting features such as the PDF viewer. PDF viewing allows you to view the PDF file which is in any format such as Word or Excel. This helps you to manage your documents easily which includes exporting and importing. In addition to this, it also allows you to share them via Email or FTP. The latest version also offers improved bookmarks support and has enhanced search engine optimization.
  3. This YouTube Vanced does offer a lot of useful features which include the ability to edit videos without advertisements. The new version allows you to manage your subscriptions and navigate back to your history. If you're viewing a video, you will be able to tap on any thumbnail to instantly see a larger version of the video.
  4. As already discussed in the YouTube application on Android, the latest YouTube Vanced version is designed to provide users with enhanced productivity tools. The official app for Android is still free but the latest YouTube Vanced has several useful features. The latest version offers a complete screen capture gallery which lets you view all your past videos in one place. You can also add friends and family to view your videos in the background along with you. You can change the background according to your mood.


YouTube Vanced is one of the most popular mod apps for YouTube. Download and install the app to make your video streaming better and ad-free. Hope this article helped you to get the Vanced App.

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