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What Is GB Whatsapp? - The Hype Among Youngsters

Teenagers these days are really in love with text messaging apps. The use of stickers and cute emojis are just one way of expressing their feelings. Out of all messaging, GB WhatsApp hasn't faced any problems and much discussion whether it's safe to use or not. There are two considerations I want to give more attention to here. The first is the safety and the second is the looks of this app.

GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp - The Hype Of This App

First of all, let's see what it is. This is a new messaging app where teens can chat with their friends from across the globe and share their views on the news, latest updates, etc. They can also share clips and share movies as well. With such a useful app, you cannot call GB Whatsapp a chatting program as it is more of a social network tool. As a result, it doesn't hide your contact information from view. Second, one must know how to activate the GB Whatsapp. Users can download the GB Whatsapp from the given link.

In the first version of the app, you could see your recent searches and the people you were chatting within real-time. However, the latest version has added new features.

  •  First, one can see the last scene information of the person who is chatting with you. You could also see the phone's connection status such as mobile signal, Wi-Fi, or data coverage.
  • Some of the most important features provided by the GB Whatsapp are enhanced texting and email account access. It is very easy to perform multitasking like sending and receiving images and gifs, playing games, listening to music tracks, etc. Other features provided by this unique app include weather alerts, weather forecasts, and airplane finders. The latest version even provides the Google Places map which is considered as the best mapping application available.

Hide Last Seen With GB Whatsapp

The first version of the GB Whatsapp had the feature to hide the Last Seen column but it was difficult to hide all the contacts simultaneously. Therefore, this app has now been modified to enable you to disable the ticked column. To enable this feature, you need to first add the Google social group in your settings and then you can simply click on 'Hide Last Seen' to hide all the public figures that are visible in your g-mail, On the other hand, if you want to display the latest news from your favorite media sources, then you can simply click on 'Show Latest News' option.


Apart from the private messaging options available on the Facebook and Twitter apps, the GB Whatsapp also offers several useful features to enhance your efficiency at work. For example, you can use it to hide recordings of calls made by your employees. You can also block the people who you do not want to receive your email. The latest release of this app provides an advanced version of task management, where you can schedule your tasks according to the availability and convenience of different people in your organization. You can also create multiple groups, depending upon the need of the day.

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